Institutional Asset Management

Satuit Technologies offers an innovative CRM solution for Institutional Asset Managers. We know that finding new clients is labor intensive and keeping clients means meeting stringent compliance and reporting requirements. Success requires you build a strong team of professionals and give them the tools to do their jobs. SatuitCRM® software delivers an award winning Relationship Management Solution that will give you the edge needed to both keep your existing clients and find new ones.

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  • Manage complex customer relationships including advisors and consultants
  • Import data from 3rd parties
  • Captures all correspondence
  • Leverage your internal and external resources 
  • Cloud based solution avoids issues with synchronizing data
  • Modules allow adding complete reporting and mobile solutions

SatuitCRM® provides a sales support and CRM (client relationship management) solution built specifically to address the challenges of investment and asset management sales and client service professionals who need to track complex relationships, sales opportunities, and historical client account information. When combined with industry leading data sources, such as Nelson Market Place or S&P's Money Market Directory, SatuitCRM® can drive your sales and client service efforts to new heights.

SatuitCRM® incorporates an intuitive process for sales force automation, allowing users to track clients, prospects, interactions, and activities. It provides a central repository for all information about each client, consultant or prospect. Our asset management CRM software includes tracking contacts and relationship histories, the sales pipeline, mass mail and marketing campaigns, events, and your calendar. It integrates with Outlook to make migration and adoption easy, and the hosted solution is cloud based so that it is always up to date.

SatuitCRM® for Institutional Asset Managers is a complete front office solution delivered at a fixed price that drives improved efficiency, compliance and results of the sales, client service and client reporting teams. Our implementations include software, support, configuration services, and training that can typically be implemented in less than half of the time of other vendors allowing you immediate return on your investment.

The new SatuitCRA™ Client Report Automation software adds report creation, management and secure distribution modules to the core functions of SatuitCRM®.  The new platform provides SatuitCRM® clients with the ability to organize, customize, collate and distribute their monthly, quarterly and annual client reporting packages using the familiar interface of SatuitCRM®.