Case Studies


SatuitCRM Helps Alignvest Manage New Sales and Form 45-106 Reporting

Alignvest needed to upgrade its CRM software to support its business growth and to assist with regulatory reporting. With the data now being compiled in SatuitCRM®, Alignvest anticipates that the workload to prepare the 45-106 report will be reduced from hundreds of hours to just a few days. Read Case Study.

South Texas Integrates CRM with Back Office Systems

South Texas Money Management asked Satuit to create an integration plug-in for their portfolio accounting and trade order management systems that would provide daily updates to Accounts with relevant data on holdings, transactions, performance and assets under management (AUM). Read Case Study.

CALCAP Adopts SatuitCRM and Investor Portal

As the firm approached its seventh year of operation, the continuing growth in investors and projects led the management of CALCAP to conclude that it was time for a more integrated approach to their investor relations, reporting and compliance needs. Read Case Study.

Carderock Successfully Migrates and Integrates Client Systems

Carderock began discussions with their Satuit Support team about the possibility of moving from their legacy CRM and report packaging products (from two different vendors), to an integrated approach using SatuitCRM® and SatuitCRA™. Read Case Study.

Maximizing your CRM System

Even a firm that has been using a CRM system for years can enhance its value and gain additional benefits from a systemic review and update of how it’s being used and by whom. Read Case Study.

Streamlining Investor Reporting with CRA

The Satuit product they chose, SatuitCRA™, is a comprehensive Client Report Automation solution for creating personalized reporting packages for clients and their advisors. Read Case Study.