Wealth Management Software

SatuitCRM® software will help your team reduce the costs of winning new clients and retaining existing accounts.  Our wealth management CRM software helps you manage every aspect of your front and middle office, including traditional customer relationship management, opportunity tracking, marketing, mass mailing, document management and expense management (tied to contacts and entities).   We also provide modules for managing client onboarding forms as well as monthly/quarterly statement generation. SatuitCRA™, our fully integrated statement and report generation tool, streamlines the process of statement generation and includes a client portal that can be easily managed within SatuitCRM®.

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  • Manage complex customer relationships including advisors and consultants
  • Capture all correspondence
  • Leverage your internal and external resources
  • Cloud based solution avoids issues with synchronizing data
  • Fully integrated with Outlook and Google Maps
  • Track and manage email marketing campaigns
  • Automate client reporting (Optional)
  • Client self-service portal reduces the time and cost of delivering reports (Optional)
SatuitCRM® is a complete front office CRM solution that can be delivered either as a hosted (SaaS) application or as a more traditional on premise application. The choice of delivery will be driven by your requirements. Our service includes software licensing, support, configuration, and training as well as integration with other key industry software.

Satuit Technologies “out-of-the-box” CRM software solution provides dashboards, workflows and management tools to help streamline the onboarding of new clients and the wooing of prospects. You can quickly reduce overhead and focus on creating and strengthening client relationships. With modules for Satuit2GO®, a full mobile CRM platform, and SatuitCRA™, a seamlessly integrated Client Report Automation solution, SatuitCRM® can take your firm to new levels of client service, efficiency and effectiveness.

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