Client Report Automation-Measuring the ROI

Quality, accuracy, and timeliness of Client Reporting are some of the ways an asset manager can distinguish itself from the competition. Unfortunately, client reporting is typically labor intensive and yields results that do not always reflect the level of effort. As an asset manager, you cannot control the markets, but your company can control the quality of the service you deliver, with client reporting being a key component of that service.

A Report Automation solution, especially one that provides fully integrated e-delivery, can save time and money while allowing your client team to deliver individually customized report packages. In a world of rapid innovation and technological advancement, sticking to manual client reporting is not merely costly, it can also send the wrong message to clients. Below you will see some of the ways in which automating client reporting can deliver substantial benefits and significant ROI to your firm.

Where does your report automation ROI come from?

Where to Look

The Challenges 

With Client Report Automation… 

Processing Manpower

Nearly half of all managers take more than two weeks after the end of the reporting period to prepare and deliver reports— clients want T+2 report delivery.

Report automation will reduce the time spent reporting by up to 75% and allow your team to get back to doing more client facing and revenue generating activities.

Custom Reporting

65% of managers customize less than 40% of their reports for clients. With 76% of investors planning to increase their custom reporting requests from managers, the need for a scalable solution is growing. 

Create an easily repeatable process that will ensure all of your clients get the customized reports they want without costing you countless hours of modifications each period.

The Report Validation Process

The process for reviewing reports is intensely manual.

Client Reporting Automation with workflow reduces validation time and ensures no client report falls through the cracks.


As you grow, the cost of producing client reports grows in a linear mode.

With an automated solution for reporting, the cost of onboarding and servicing new clients can be greatly reduced. 

Delivery of Reports

Collating and mailing reports or sending them via email is time consuming and highly inefficient (and for email, it is also not particularly secure).

An investor portal eliminates the compliance and security issues surrounding email. It provides an audit log of downloads and uploads, allows your clients to manage their contact details and allows you to share documents securely.

Reporting to 3rd Parties

You probably have common clients with consultants, accountants or other interested 3rd parties that need to receive reports also. Are you sending them a separate package for each client you share? How much of the reporting process could be alleviated if these separate packages were consolidated into a single report containing all of their clients’ records?

By utilizing a report automation solution to consolidate your reports, you can collate and organize all reporting to third parties.

Client Satisfaction and Retention

Performance is variable, but service is not. 

Automation means you can deliver more comprehensive and customized reports to more clients, more quickly. Clients get the service they expect.

Time Saved Locating Reports

How much time gets wasted pulling up current or past reports?

A central document repository linked to contacts, accounts and client entities makes it easy to find what you need to service your clients.

Firms often wrestle with these challenges and find individual solutions for each one to ensure that their clients get the reporting they want, but taking a holistic approach will yield far better results for both your firm and your clients. With so many firms vying for the same investor funds, finding any way to stand out in the market, while improving a business process and showing long term savings seems like a no brainer.