White Papers

The Value Proposition of an Investor Portal

If you are considering adopting a portal or upgrading your existing portal, look for a solution that provides substantial value-added benefits to your investors. Read More.

Investor Portal | Five Steps to Increase Adoption and Drive Success

In addition to investors, the key beneficiaries of the portal are management, investor relations, and marketing. They should be the ones highly involved with the rollout and ongoing updates to measure success. Read More.

Top 10 Tips for E-Marketing using SatuitCRM

Gather some very useful tips for successful marketing campaigns based on our work with several e-marketing vendors. Read More.

A Guide to Vendor Management Utilizing the Satuit Platform

At Satuit, our goal is to track and interact with key vendors more effectively so that we can avoid “preventable vendor failure.” Read More.

SatuitSDX® | Secure Data Exchange

Today there are countless opportunities to leverage software integrations and gain increased efficiency, competitive advantages, lowered operating costs and more. SatuitSDX includes a mix of end-user, business analyst, and application developer tools, all designed to meet the integration requirements of the asset management community. Read More.

Client Report Automation-Measuring the ROI

A Report Automation solution, especially one that provides fully integrated e-delivery, can save time and money while allowing your client team to deliver individually customized report packages. Read More.

CRM's Critical Success Factors

At Satuit Technologies we know that successful companies approach client relationship management as a strategic process in which people, best practices, and technology are all organized to deliver superior value to their clients. Read More.

Case Studies

Carderock Successfully Migrates and Integrates Client Systems

Carderock began discussions with their Satuit Support team about the possibility of moving from their legacy CRM and report packaging products (from two different vendors), to an integrated approach using SatuitCRM® and SatuitCRA™. Read Case Study.

Epoch Investment Partners | Maximizing your CRM System

Even a firm that has been using a CRM system for years can enhance its value and gain additional benefits from a systemic review and update of how it’s being used and by whom. Read Case Study.

Heritage Investors Management | Streamlining Investor Reporting with CRA

The Satuit product they chose, SatuitCRA™, is a comprehensive Client Report Automation solution for creating personalized reporting packages for clients and their advisors. Read Case Study.