Funds Distribution

Satuit recognizes the special needs of Funds Distribution Software and offers leading CRM application and reporting solutions for them. Satuit solutions can give your people the ability to easily plan and execute product road shows, manage mail campaigns, provide information to 3rd party distributors via an integrated secure investor portal, and track fund flows from your transfer agents.


  • CRM/Contact and Activity Management
  • Sophisticated Channel and Territory Management
  • Supermarket Platform Reporting
  • Account/Customer Level Contact Management
  • Omnibus Account Reconciliation Processing
  • Third-party Data Integration
  • Integration with all Transfer Agent and Intermediary Data Feeds
  • SEC Rule 22c-2 Compliance 

You can broker activity fund by fund, knowing individual balances of each fund, all at the same time. SatuitCRM® software allows you to track production from advisors and streamline the reporting process. You can rely on SatuitCRM to assist you in growing assets, increasing profitability, reducing operating expenses, and ensure industry compliance requirements.

SatuitCRM for Funds Distribution allows asset managers to stay in front of asset movement and to identify firms and representatives exchanging between funds.   SatuitCRM can also help you quickly identify which funds are gaining or losing assets.

Quickly and easily identify new firms and brokers purchasing your funds, areas of risk for your business such as declining sales trends over a specific period of time, and new business opportunities.

Create a fund by fund trend analysis to better scale fund flow to assess effective strategies and gain a broader understanding of trends.

You can also obtain a sophisticated view of your sales and assets by firm, location, contact, representative, territories, distribution channels, products and asset classes, which lead to identification of new sales and cross-selling opportunities.

Since SatuitCRM for Funds Distribution offers mobile solutions so you can check funds, track production and review results from anywhere at any time.