Family Offices

SatuitCRM® was built to manage the complex relationships that are typical of a family office. Our award-winning family office CRM software will help your team reduce the costs of providing top flight services to the families who depend on you for managing many different aspects of their wealth. We provide modules that will drive operational efficiency whether you are tracking the selection and monitoring of managers, tracking investments, reporting to your investors, recording meetings and emails or managing other communications. Our software can also help you with many of the compliance requirements you will face if you are moving from a single-family office to a multi-family office.

CRM for family offices


  • Relationship Management
  • Integrated Document Repository
  • Manager Due Diligence
  • Manager Search
  • Fully Integrated with Outlook and Google Maps
  • Deal Flow
  • Investor Reporting
  • Secure Investor Portal

Whether you are tracking contact info, banking and sensitive data or portfolio results, our software provides the level of security you need with the flexibility to set rules for every member of your team. Our user permissions give you complete control over user rights including defining who can access or edit specific data, right down to field level data.

Satuit also provides a fully integrated document repository for tracking every document, including legal contracts, presentations, letters, financials, and manager due diligence documents.    The document repository supports any file type.  Any document stored in the CRM document repository can be easily shared with your investors.

Satuit also provides a fully integrated report packaging function (SatuitCRA® Packaging), which will streamline your end to end reporting process.   With our Packaging solution you can easily provide highly customized report packages to your investors.

SatuitCRM is a complete front and middle office solution that can be delivered either as a hosted (SaaS) application or as a more traditional on premise application. The choice of delivery will be driven by your requirements. Our service includes software, licensing support, configuration, and training as well as integration with other key industry software.