SatuitCRM is the industry-leading CRM software for buy-side investment professionals including Institutional Asset Managers, Private Equity, Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments. Our award winning Customer Relationship Management software was developed by a team of experienced investment professionals who understand the complexity of investment sales, client service and compliance regulations. The software is powerful, yet easy to use and may be implemented as a cloud solution or installed on your servers.

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  • Easy capture and sharing of sales and client investor information
  • Track complex relationships including consultants
  • Manage legal and compliance workflow
  • Manage travel planning and road shows
  • Fully integrated with Outlook and Google Maps
  • Pull data from CRM directly to Outlook for smart communications
  • Email marketing and tracking
  • Integrates with portfolio accounting and transfer agent data
  • Automate client and investor reporting
  • Mobile version available for phones and tablets

SatuitCRM® is a complete front office CRM solution that can be delivered either as a hosted (SaaS) application or as a more traditional on premise application. The choice of delivery will be driven by your requirements. Our service includes software licensing, support, configuration, and training as well as integration with other key industry software.

The Satuit team has applied our collective decades of investment industry experience to deliver Relationship Management Solutions that drive success. Our brand promise is simple: SatuitCRM: Expect Success. Your Satuit team understands that buy-side investment management professionals face unique sales and service challenges. Your client relationships are complex and multi-tiered and your clients demand timely and accurate information. SatuitCRM provides sales and client relationship management software built specifically to track complex relationships including consultants and third parties. Your sales team can track new business RFP’s, fund flows and additions to existing accounts. 

SatuitCRM helps you manage the increasing challenges associated with industry regulations and compliance. When combined with industry leading data sources, such as Money Market Directory or with integration with portfolio accounting, billing and client reporting systems, SatuitCRM can drive your sales and client service efforts to new heights.

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