SatuitCRA® - Report Automation Solutions

The operations team of a typical asset management firm with 500 investors may spend up to 6 weeks collating documents from a variety of data sources and to manage the client statement process each quarter. The work is not only time consuming, but it is also prone to human error. Today's investment manager is tasked with managing dozens or even hundreds of due diligence package requests. SatuitCRA is a comprehensive content automation solution for creating personalized investor reporting packages and due diligence packages for investors and their advisors. 


  • Easily manage reporting requirements for each contact and interested party
  • Manage package content with drag and drop UI
  • Automatically generate table of contents
  • Include personalized cover letters
  • Add custom enclosures
  • Generate fully collated report packages for groups of investors
  • Generate custom packages for advisors
  • Manage reporting workflow & storage
  • Easily share report packages for review and approval
  • Distribute electronically via the Investor Portal
  • Manage & monitor portal access

Our cloud-based application gives you all the tools you need to simplify investor reporting to any group of investors and third parties by automating the organizing, publishing, printing and delivery of client statements and other content to your investors. Packages can be easily customized with a few clicks and set to run on a specific date. Once the reports are created, they can be stored for easy retrieval within the integrated document repository. If you are a SatuitCRM® user with Client Reporting access, you can configure and manage all aspects of reporting from within the CRM.

You may add personalized documents using standard Microsoft mail merge functionality. You are not limited to contact information for the mail merge –you can pull in account information if you have integrated SatuitCRA or SatuitCRM with your back office. Easily upload the document packages using Satuit’s Bulk Document Upload (BDL) capabilities, and if you are a SatuitCRM user, your client documents will be available under the CRM Document tab for that client.

The integrated Packaging function automatically pulls the associated reporting requirements for each contact and interested party based on the reporting group(s) for that contact. The Global Document Library (GDL) stores an unlimited number of documents and files including back office portfolio software reports. The Global Document Search (GDS) allows you to search by unique identifier(s) such as account number, and to electronically separate batches into a series of reports.

Once you have completed your report building and review, you can deliver completed statement packages securely via the fully integrated Investor Portal. Relationship managers can see those reports from within SatuitCRM (or from within SatuitCRA if you are not a CRM user). Our investor portal allows you to deliver statements and respond rapidly to investors without involving technical resources. Reactivate an account, help a client set a new password, or deactivate an account with a single click. Other options such as embedding a login page to your company’s website or providing a URL are also available.

SatuitCRA provides you with all the tools you need to eliminate reporting roadblocks and streamline reporting systems.