SatuitCRM® Software on your tablets and smart phones

As a professional on the move, you need fast access to the information that drives your business. Satuit2GO CRM software was created specifically for tablet devices and smartphones, putting your CRM data at your fingertips. Our Satuit2GO software is a highly intuitive application that can be mastered in minutes, not days, and is ideal for professionals who spend a lot of time out of the office.

Mobile CRM App - Satuit2GO


  • For use on any smartphone or tablet
  • Use on as many devices as you want
  • Works on cellular and wireless connections
  • One click gets you key customer data
  • Search Nearby - find other contacts within a defined radius
  • Address information links directly to GPS
  • Highly intuitive-no training needed
  • Always in synch with your key customer data

Satuit2GO gives you real-time access to your contacts, appointments, task lists, sales opportunities, fund flows and client data on your favorite mobile device(s).  You can send email from Satuit2GO and not have to worry about adding it later to your office system.   Mapping is integrated, so you can find a contact and click to locate the address on your GPS software. Updating information is simple and seamless.  You can even use your phone’s voice recognition to dictate a meeting note.  

The Satuit2GO platform is fast, secure, and since the connection is real-time, there are no issues associated with local data stores and synchronization technologies.

Access to Satuit2GO is easier than ever, just navigate to your Satuit URL on your tablet or smart phone, and log-in. If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to add the SatuitCRM® icon so that you can easily find and open the app.  That’s it. No software or upgrade to install.