SatuitSIP® Investor Portal

SatuitSIP offers a secure investor portal that provides an easy to use and cost effective solution for the delivery of content to your clients and investors and for sharing documents with external parties.  Our secure portal software allows you to provide content including monthly or quarterly statements, K-1s, Capital Call notices, financial reporting, newsletters and investor forms. The portal may be branded and embedded in your corporate website, or it can stand alone.  It may also be used for documents or sharing data in a secure data room. If you're a SatuitCRM user, it is integrated with that system to make compliance and recording keeping easy and up to date. 

Investor Portal


  • 24/7 secure access to reports, statements and forms
  • Use for internal and external documents
  • Can be used for both clients and prospective clients
  • Documents are stored indefinitely in a repository
  • Set expiration dates for viewing
  • Documents may expire on the portal but remain in the repository
  • Easily Manage passwords and access rights
  • Branding options to match your corporate website

Delivering a high quality client service experience over the web can often be a significant investment of time and money to customize generic content portals.  

Now there is a cost effective and rapidly deployable solution:

SatuitSIP™ Investor Portal is a secure web based client and interested party investor portal that allows you to securely deliver client content such as monthly or quarterly statements, K-1s, Capital Call notices, newsletters, and forms. 

SatuitSIP Investor Portal is easy to use and administer because it is completely integrated with SatuitCRA® Packaging, which allows you to publish documents directly to your client portal. Customized branding allows you to easily match your corporate image and incorporate it into an existing web site. You can even have a dedicated IP.

You can use the portal for both “internal” and “external” clients whether you are working with clients or trying to manage a marketing library for a global sales team.  Portal users can easily download product information, reports and forms using any device.

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