SatuitSIP® Investor Portal Software

The SatuitSIP Secure Investor Portal provides your investors with secure 24x7 access to account data, documents and forms.  Our portal can be easily branded and embedded into your corporate website with no programming or web design skills required.  


  • Secure delivery of investor statements
  • Automated account data updates
  • Link to company news and commentary
  • Protect IP with watermarking
  • Manage forms with e-signature
  • Include photos and video
  • Monitor investor logins, downloads, and interactions
  • Bulk upload reports from your network
  • Consolidate reporting to 3rd parties

Manage your Message. SatuitSIP is not just a vehicle to deliver documents. By combining document delivery and data feeds with news feed, video and other web content, SatuitSIP provides you a powerful tool that will enhance overall investor satisfaction and help you get your corporate message to investors while delivering their reports via a secure cloud website.       

No Programming. SatuitSIP allows you to manage your investor communications in an entirely new way. You can make sure that your investors see your company news or learn about new product with ease using our powerful tool without any web design or programming skill required. Our secure portal provides a fully digital experience that simplifies reporting, simplifies the process of managing forms and gives your investor daily account updates.

Document Management. Exchange forms, provide documents, add e-signature requests, and accept documents uploaded to the site by your investor or their advisors. You can provide access to investors and 3rd parties, or to any other contact in your portal contact list. Documents can also be watermarked for additional security.

If you have forms to distribute across a group of clients, you can use the “on the fly” upload function to distribute a form or document to a list of portal users. Your portal administrator(s) can manage passwords, set up automatic notifications of password updates, and manage new documents.

Dynamic Data. Why wait for reports when your investors can check their account balances daily? With the portal premium version, you provide your investors with daily, weekly, monthly updates of their data using the built-in integration tools or the bulk API. You can create a variety of different templates for specific groups of investors to display data in a variety of graphs and data formats.