SatuitCRM® Executive Reporting and Portal

Does this sound familiar? You are fishing through email trying to find the month end reports for sales or finance, or you want to go back to the previous quarter to compare the sales pipeline. Satuit's automated report packaging software can collate and organize reports by department and deliver them securely to your desktop or tablet or store them on your private portal for later use.

SatuitCRM Executive Reporting and Portal


  • Access reports 24/7 via any computer or tablet
  • Manage access rights for every report  (Managers, Sales Team, Board members, Client Reps)
  • Consolidate and organize  current and historical reports in a single site
  • View real time graphs from CRM data
  • Automate the creation,  collation and delivery of management reports

It’s the 10th of the month and you don’t have your month end reports yet. Managers need timely reporting information at their fingertips - searching through email for a report is a frustrating waste of your valuable time. Waiting for weeks for a report is frustrating. 

What if you could have all reporting (current and historic) centralized in a single portal? What if you could have graphs in that portal that allowed you to drill down with a single click to find the details behind the graphs? What if your reporting package could include reports from all department that report to you? What if you could easily and securely share specific report with team members or board members?

With SatuitCRM® Executive Portal, there are no “what ifs”. Our automated report packaging can collate and organize reports by department and deliver them securely to your desktop or tablet. And once you log in to the portal, you can see both current and historic reports, all organized by department. You can also view your SatuitCRM sales data in real time graphs.

The Executive Portal is completely integrated with SatuitCRM and it has the added advantage that your managers do not need to log in to the CRM to view or download reports.