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Don't just take our word for it, here is some of our team telling their experience at Satuit in their own words.
Lai, Wai

Wai Lai

QA Engineer

Satuit is a great place to work because everybody can make an impact. It is not like working for a large institution where you are just a number. Everyone knows everybody else by their first name and the size of the company allows you to be exposed in multiple aspects of the business. The quality and dedication of our fellow colleagues make it enjoyable!

John Parsons

John Parsons

Software Engineer

Working at a company where everyone has a team mentality and are looking out for one another makes it easier to come in every day. The Hackathon is a great time to get your ideas out that might not make it to the every day product plan, and a time to get to work with coworkers you wouldn’t normally get to.

Haley, Steve

Steve Haley

Technical Services Support/Endpoint Administrator

I like working here because...
People, people, people. I came from the large corporation background and a lot of the time, it felt like it. At Satuit I have access to the most recent technologies. What is working here like for me? Well, being surrounded by brilliance comes to my mind front and center. Yeah, I love the free fruit at luncheons like the next person, but for me, working at Satuit is about it's product and it's people. Whether it's the client base or colleagues.